July 26, 2017

Info, Rules & Regulations


A NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee of $20 per family is payable upon registration.

Recreational students will have a trial period until the 11th of October. If a student wishes to discontinue at the end of the trial period, they must contact the dance studio ON OR BEFORE OCTOBER 11th. After October 11th there are no refunds of any kind. Payment for the trial period is non-refundable once classes have started.

Please remember that young children are often intimidated by new situations and should complete the entire trial period before any final decisions are made.

** In cases of illness or injury the studio may issue a credit to be applied to the next year’s tuition. Doctor’s notes are needed in these cases. **

Classes and costumes may be paid for by cash, cheque, or credit card (please note that there will be a 2.7% charge on all credit card transactions). Classes may be paid up front or split into post-dated cheques. All overdue payments are subject to 2% monthy/26.4% annual interest charges (from September 1st). If paying by monthly post-dated cheques, please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account at the start of each month – there will be a $20 service charge for every dishonoured cheque.

There are absolutely NO REFUNDS for any reason after OCTOBER 14th of the current year.

NOTE: All Requests for Refunds must be given in writing or they will not be processed.

  • Sep 15th – Classes Begin
  • Sep 29th – Oct 4th Bring a Friend to Dance Week
  • Sep 30th No refunds for competitive dancers
  • Oct 6th – 8th (inclusive) Thanksgiving Weekend – No Classes
  • Oct 11th Trail Period Ends
  • Oct 14th No refunds for any tuition/costumes after this date (rec dancers)
  • Dec 18th – Jan 4th Christmas Break – No Classes. Classes resume January 5th 2018
  • Feb 18th Family Day – No Classes
  • Mar 11th – 15th (inclusive) March Break – No Classes
  • Apr 20th Easter weekend – No Classes
  • Apr 22nd Easter Monday – Classes Running
  • May 18th – 20th Victoria Day Weekend – No Classes
  • Jun 3rd Last Day of Classes *subject to change
  • Jun 5th Dress Rehearsal *subject to change
  • Jun 6th – 7th & 9th Recitals *subject to change
  • Jun 10th – 11th Photo Days (at GDC) *sched to come

** Students are expected to attend 80% of the classes in order to participate in the recital. **

All students are welcome to participate in our year-end recital. Students must have excellent attendance and practice their routines. Students must understand that they are part of a team and that once they have committed to participating, it is important that they fulfill their commitments.

Year end recital costume payment can be paid for by cash, cheque, or credit card (please note that there will be a 2.7% charge on all credit card transactions).

All recreational routines will participate in both the Friday and Saturday recitals.

  • Costume deposit (Post dated to Dec. 1/17) is due at registration.
  • Deposits are $70.00 for 30 min classes and $90.00 for 45 or 1hr classes.
  • Costume refunds are not available after the studio has placed the order with our supplier.
  • All costume balances must be paid in full before the students will receive their costumes.
  • All full year programs will participate in the recital. Please inform us if you do not wish your student(s) to participate. Otherwise a costume will be ordered for each student and you will be billed for the costume.

The following are guidelines of Georgetown Dance Company and its staff and teachers. They are subject to change at the discretion of management as they see fit.

The artistic director reserves the right to change music, costuming and routine ideas at their discretion at any time.

Parents are responsible for picking up their child immediately after their dance class has finished. Georgetown Dance Company will not be held responsible for students once they have finished classes and have left the facility. Dancers are encouraged to wait inside for their parents.

Parents are to remain outside of the classroom and are not permitted to enter the classroom for any reason. You are welcome to view the classes on the monitors in the waiting area. It is distracting for dancers and teacher alike to have parents walking in and out of the class. This results in time loss in the class lesson for your dancer. If you need to pick up your dancer early from class, please let reception know and they will come to get your dancer for you.

Dancers are expected to respect the dress code that can be viewed on our Dress Code page.

Georgetown Dance Company does not tolerate fighting, bullying, theft or vandalism.

Dancers and Parents are expected to demonstrate and encourage positive behaviour and attitudes. Georgetown Dance Company is a family orientated environment that aims for the utmost excellence in welcoming, and creating a safe place for all families. Please help us keep the studio in such regard.

Dancers and Parents are encouraged to continue positive, encouraging behaviour throughout social media.

If there is a concern that you as the parent would like to discuss with a teacher or the Director, please speak with the receptionist, or email the studio, to set up an in person or phone meeting.

If weather conditions are poor, please call the studio after 2pm. A message on the studio answering machine will announce any cancellations. A studio email will also be sent. If there is no message or email, please assume classes are still running. Please use your own judgement during poor weather – we ask that you do not put your child’s or your own health and safety at risk. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather will not be rescheduled.

All classes subject to change or cancellation.

Georgetown Dance Company is not responsible for any injury or loss incurred due to activities and/or travel to and/or from events held by the studio.

Please do not send your child to class if they are seriously ill or if they are contagious. Students who have plantar warts must keep their feet covered in the studio. Students with head lice should remain home until they are positive that they are no longer there.

Please call the studio if your dancer will be away from class.

There is to be no food or drink in any areas of the studio except for the lobby or the table in the hallway. Please remind your dancers that bringing food and drink into change rooms is prohibited.

Water only is permitted in the dance rooms. Please do not send your dancer into class with juice or sport drinks of any kind.

Due to a large amount of students being allergic to nuts, Georgetown Dance Company is a Peanut Free building.

Parents of small children are asked to take their child to the washroom before class begins.

Please label all dance shoes, dancewear and water bottles with your child’s name.

All articles of clothing, dance shoes, and reusable water bottles left in the studios after the class has ended will be placed in the lost and found bin. Please check this regularly as its contents are donated monthly.

Communication is vital. Parents are expected to check their email regularly as newsletters and updates are frequently sent out on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of the parent to update their current email address with Georgetown Dance Company. Please ensure that GDC emails are not being sent to your SPAM folder. Studio newsletters are also posted on our Newsletters page.

Please notify the studio of any changes to your phone number, address or any other important information.

Georgetown Dance Company reserves the right to use all photography/videography taken by or for Georgetown Dance Company for advertising and/or promotion of any kind.

Click here to download the Studio Policies for New and Continuing students.