September 3, 2020

Covid-19 Policies

Please click here to download the Covid-19 Policies document.

Health and Safety Procedures and Policies in effect until further notice.
Before arrival for class 
  • Before bringing/sending your dancer(s), a COVID-19 screening form must be filled out and emailed each day that your dancer comes.  Screenings are to be done the day of dance with forms filled out that day no later than 1 hour before your dancer’s scheduled class.  

Screening forms are to be filled out here:

*Any dancer that does not have a Google Form filled out at time of screening will NOT be permitted in the building. 

  • Dancers are to wait in outside the front door along the building with the line forming towards Memorial Ave (dancers ages 7 and under MUST be accompanied by a guardian) – as the sidewalk is not our property we cannot place physical distancing markers on the ground.  We therefore ask everyone to space 2 meters apart. 
  • Everyone in line must wear a mask. 
  • Dancers are asked to wait outside in line until they are invited into the studio front door by a studio team member.  No one is to enter the front door on their own. 
  • Screenings are only valid for the day they have classes.  A new screening must be done each day of classes NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Before entering the building, all dancers will have their temperature taken NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Upon entering the building, all dancers will have to either sanitize their hands or use the washroom to wash their hands. 
  • Only dancers/EDS staff will be permitted in the building.  Our lobby is closed until further notice. 
  • Parents are asked to wait until their dancer enters the building to ensure there are no issues with the Covid-19 screening form or their temperature. 
Change rooms are closed 
  • Dancers will then be directed to remove their outdoors shoes put them in their own personal bag and to stand on a marker on the floor in a line to wait for their dance class to start (all markers are 2 meters apart). 
Dancers are to continue wearing their mask while in this line. 
  • Dancers are to bring personal belongings/needed dance shoes for the evening in one small bag directly into the class with them to designated areas. 
  • Dancers are to arrive wearing dance attire (may wear warmer layers over top). 
  • Dancers will not be permitted to change attire between classes and are therefore reminded of the dress code for ALL classes of that day/evening. 
In the dance room 
  • When class time arrives, dancers will be invited in one at a time and: 
  •  directed where to place their bag.  (At that time dancers are welcome to put on their dance shoes, remove outdoor clothing and place in their bag. 
  • guided to a taped out square 
  • Our dance floors are taped out in 2metersx2meters squares with an ‘x’ in the middle of each square to keep dancers 2+ meters apart. 
  • Our dancers will keep this physical distance the entire duration of the class. 
  • If progressions across the floor are part of the syllabus, dancers will be guided to a physically distanced line (taped markers on the floor) and dancers will proceed one or two at a time and will have a gap of no less than 2 meters side by side and 4 meters to the dancers following behind; 
  • This will also depend on the studio space they are in and what dance form they are doing.  If they are doing progressions that could bring them closer than 2 meters side by side, then the teacher will direct them to go down the floor one at a time. 
  • Our teachers know the exercises that could possibly bring them closer and will be extremely conservative with spacing in each and every single exercise that moves our dancers down the room to ensure they are ALWAYS physically distanced. 
  • At the end of class dancers will be directed one at a time to collect their belongings and bring them back into their taped-out box to put all their dance shoes away, put on all their outdoor clothes and put their mask on. 
Pick Up Time 
  • We kindly ask that you arrive 2 mins early to pick up your dancer. 
  • Each studio door is marked by an or B on the outside of the building.  Both located at the back of the building. 
  • Again, we are not allowed to place markers on the ground we therefore ask parents to stay 2 meters apart. 
  • When you arrive at the door to pick up your dancer, please name the dancer you are picking up 
Personal Hygiene 
  • All persons must sanitize hands upon entering the building and leaving the building. 
  • Sanitizing stations are set up in every studio. 
  • All persons are reminded to sneeze/cough into their arm or use a tissue (dispose of the tissue right away) and to either wash hands right after or sanitize their hands. 
  • All persons are reminded to avoid touching their eyes, nose, mouth. 
  • Avoid touching high contact areas and wash hands after doing do. 
  • Dancers will not be permitted to touch any light or fan switches. 
  • Wash all clothes when returning home from class. 
  • Food is not permitted in the class. 
  • Will be open for use for our dancers and staff only. 
  • Students are to wear a mask when leaving the dance room to use the washroom. 
  • Students are to go directly to the washrooms without touching anything along the way. 
  • Students are reminded to wash hands after using the washroom. 
  • Students will be required to sanitize hands when returning back into the class. 
  • Washrooms will be disinfected after every use by a studio staff member. 
  • Rooms will be disinfected after every class where there are any new students entering the room (this includes but not limited to: barres, door handles and floors). 
  • Acro mats will be disinfected after every class. 
Liability Form 
  • Covid-19 liability form will be emailed before the commence of classes (beginning of the season). 
  • All dancers are required to have one completed with signature before the commence of their first class (email is preferred). 
  • Forms are one per family. 
  • Students without this form will not be permitted in the building or take any classes. 
  • One form per family will cover the family for the duration of the season. 
  • Do not send your dancer if they are sick. 
  • Do not send your dancer if they have come into contact or live with anyone who is currently showing signs/symptoms of COVID-19. 
  • Do not send your dancer if they have come into contact or live with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19  
  • If a student starts to show symptoms or feels ill during the course of their class, the student will immediately be required to wear their mask, will be separated to a different room (that is vacant) and the guardian will be contact to pick up their child asap.  
  • In this situation, students are asked to go get tested for COVID-19 and let us know immediately with the results. 
  • If the test results show negative for COVID-19, the dancer may return to class after 24hrs of showing no symptoms of sickness. 
  • If there is a positive case all families from the same class will be contacted.  No personal information regarding the positive case will be released (this includes the name of the person). 
  • Individuals with positive cases of COVID-19 are not to return to the studio until for 14 days after the first day of symptoms (provided they are not showing ANY symptoms). 
  • Teachers will not arrive to the studio if they are ill. 
  • Will be worn by all teachers, assistant teachers and admin staff. 
  • Dancers are required to wear masks at all times including during instruction. 
  • Dancers are allowed to wear face shields while dancing in lieu of masks. 
  • Masks are to be worn while standing in line to get into the studio and when leaving the studio. 
  • Masks are to be worn in the building in all situations where the dancers/teachers are not physically dancing. 
Class Sizes 
  • We will be capping all of our recreational and competitive class sizes to ensure physical distancing. 
What If…. 
  • These policies and procedures are in place for the foreseeable future. 
  • All policies may change in accordance to our Ministry of Health and the government of Ontario at any time. 
  • Should we be ordered by the government to close you will have the following options and you will be asked at that time to choose one of the below options: 
  • Continue with online classes within the same or similar schedule you signed up for 
  • Receive a credit for future in class dancing (no cash value) 
  • Receive a full refund for all tuition for classes not received *If this happens after September 15th, no refunds are given for competitive costumes, After January 1st no refunds are given for recreational costumes 
  • We will also give full refunds for entry fees paid if competitions do not run 
  • **These options will only be available should we be ordered as a dance studio to close.  Full payment of fees for the season is expected in all other situations as per the deadlines and cut-off dates outlined in our studio policies.